Family DNA Roots

Find your Family Ancestry using Family DNA testing

Finding your roots using DNA testing is being offered at Family DNA Roots at a low cost that your family can afford and share in the cost.  With Family DNA Roots you can find your Family DNA Ancestry for your self and your family for a low price. We are the only DNA test company that offers a Family kit that you can purchase and use for your whole family to find their family ancestry. Finding your roots with DNA testing could not be easier with Family DNA Roots. The Family DNA Roots DNA test kits are sold in one family DNA unit that includes results for you and 5 additional family members. Once you purchase your kit, you will receive an online link were you can securely input additional information data for your family. Once analysis process is complete, they will receive their own certificates and information just as if they took the test themselves. And don’t forget that by purchasing your own kit for your family you will be helping others find their roots through the various Ancestry DNA roots projects offered by Family DNA Roots. For every kit that is purchased Family DNA Roots will direct a portion of the funds to the Family DNA roots projects offered. This is a great opportunity to help your family find their ancestry while helping others.

Participate in the African American Ancestry Roots Project - Family DNA Testing

Family DNA Roots has initiated a Family DNA testing project this year that is designed to assist African Americans in finding their ancestry using Family DNA testing. The African American Ancestry Roots project is for everyone and it has launched this year.  We have a goal of assisting as many African American families during the 2015 calendar year as we can.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Social Networking

With My DNA Roots, our Family DNA Root's Social Networking platform, this platform will give your family the ability to share photos, stories and histories in one place where the whole family will have secure access to a social networking site that is safe and informative.  My DNA Roots is a social networking platform unlike any other that is made especially for your family and friends.   Share your photo albums, your stories and your histories with your family and love ones.   Reach out to others who you are related to you with our unique search features that links others together using your unique DNA signatures and Haplogroups.  You can store and share all of your Ancestry DNA information in one place and use it to find your relatives and learn about their stories and how they relate to you and your family. With our Social Networking platform, My DNA Roots, you will be able to connect securely with your family in a very unique way.

Family DNA Roots Projects

Family DNA Roots goal is to assist families in finding their ancestry through the latest advances in DNA technology by initiating various Find your Roots Projects that we will be initiating during various times throughout the coming months and years.

Find Your Roots Projects

One of the first of the Find Your Roots Projects, is the African-American DNA Roots project.  The African-American DNA Roots project has begun and it will be a long-standing project that will be conducted along with other projects.  The African-American DNA Roots project kicked off in February 2013, Black History Month.  We will continue to add more Find Your Roots Projects in the coming months and years.

Find Your Roots Projects-- African American DNA Roots Projects - Started Feb 2013

Famiy DNA Roots Projects

The African-American DNA project is for everyone and it has launched in February.  We have a goal of assisting 2000 African-American participants during the 2015 calendar year.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity we are taking sign up on our African-American DNA Roots Project Page. you can support the project by spreading the word, ordering a DNA test kit or signing up to participate in the project by sending us an email with your contact information.


Why is the African American Ancestry Project so important?

The African American Ancestry Roots Project is very important for African American because it removes a long-standing barrier for African Americans who have been historically enslaved in this country. Most people can trace their ancestry through genealogy records many generations but for the African American, they can only go as far as the 1860 census.  Before that, African Americans, who were slaves, were treated as property and stripped of their language, culture and surnames.  By participating in this project, you in sense, will help all African Americans gain back some of their long lost freedoms.  We sometimes take the knowledge of whom we are and were we came from for granted.
I believe that knowing who you are, and were we come from takes the edge off of life, soften the blows of our journey and ultimately helps us cope more effectively with our lives.  – Joe C. Smith president / Founder of Family DNA Roots

When will the African American Ancestry Project Commence?

The target launch date will be during the month of Black History Month 2015.  We are starting sign ups now for participation in the Launch.  We will continue to conduct the program throughout the year.  We will provide funding to assist participants.  We will also give the opportunity to anyone that is passionate about the dream of finally breaking the chains of slavery to allow African Americans to virtually travel back to their homeland and embrace their long lost culture and history through this project..

Can I participate if I am not African American?

Yes anyone that shares the dream can participate at different levels.  Just by conducting your own DNA test you will sponsor an African American to receive their DNA testing from the African American Ancestry Roots Projects.  If you can’t afford a DNA test you can also assist by spreading the word.

What are the next steps?

The Project will start during February of 2015, Black History Month.  To participate, find out the online sign up from and wait for next steps of the project commencement. Only a finite number of participants will be able to participate in The project.  By signing up early, you will guarantee your spot in the program.  We will select participants on a first come first serve basis. No funds will be collected until the project commences and your information will not be sold or given to other organization for other purposes.  It is absolutely free to sign up and get on the list.  We use this list for planning purposes, so please to the best of your ability decide on how you can participate.  If you don't know now you can change later.
  • Send email to [email protected] with your Name,address and phone number to register The African American Ancestry Project
  • You will be added to our database and we will contact you prior to the project commences
  • You will be contacted with the instructions on how to purchase a DNA test through the African American Ancestry Project
  • By Purchasing a DNA test through the project,  you get to find out your roots and also provide an African American participant  the opportunity to be reconnected back to their roots.  
  • If you are a African American wanting to be sponsored, you will be contacted once you are selected for sponsorship

Family DNA Products

Family DNA Roots products - Find your Family Ancestry for your self and your family for one low price

Family DNA Roots offer a wide range of Ancestry DNA testing kits that can be shared by your whole family for one low price that will benefit your whole family.   It is our goal to continue to add Family DNA Roots products that will benefit your whole family.   We are the only Ancestry DNA test company that offers a Family DNA testing Ancestry kit that you can purchase and use for your whole family to find their family ancestry.  Most Companies will charge you for each test even though the same information can be used for the whole family.   With Family DNA roots, one person takes the Ancestry Family DNA test and the information is shared amongst the family.

Connect to your family and the world with our Social Networking site, My DNA Roots and share your Ancestry DNA

We offer a DNA testing Ancestry Social Network platform called My DNA Roots. This is a site where people all of the world will be able to link themselves and their family with families all over the world.  At My DNA Roots, we link individuals using the power of social networking and the science of DNA.  If you know your DNA Haplogroups, you will be able to seek out and communicate with member who are related.  As our member base grows you will be able to link up with people from all over the world.  Families will be able to communicate, share stories, pictures and genealogies using our social network platform. With My DNA Roots you will be able to connect securely with your family in a very unique way.  You will be able to:
  • Tell your personal and family stories
  • Communicate securely through our internal email system
  • Search for long lost relatives using searches on Surname, hapliogropus and other criteria
  • Create your own discussion groups around family topics, special events and memories
  • Maintain a photo album that has Facebook like tagging features
  • Comment or like any discussion, photo, video or comment
  • Upload YouTube video, and music clips on your family forums
  • Chat with family and friends confidentially
  • Create your own My DNA Roots Groups
  • Invite family members and friends

Family DNA Test Kit - Maternal Option

Famiy DNA Test Kit With the Family DNA Test Kit our Maternal test uses Hypervariable regions I and II.This product provides you with your own DNA test kit for your family ( Hypervariable  level I and Level II mtDNA test) and a World Wide Ancestry Composition test for person taking the test (not transferable to 5 family members). This kit will be shipped directly to you. Once you perform the test, and mail back the kit to Family DNA Roots, you will receive your results for yourself and your family members in 4 weeks along with up to six certificates for you and your family members authenticating your results. For your family members, you will receive up to five certificates of mtDNA Haplotype, your Haplogroup, Your World Wide Ancestry Composition ( for person taking test) and document explaining your results.   And additionally you will have 1 year premium membership with our Ancestry networking site My DNA Roots. My DNA Roots will provide you information about your Haplogroup, your genetic tree and your ancestral origins.    And most importantly, you will contribute to the African American DNA Roots project.

Paternal Kit $279.00
$47.00 per Family member
(with yourself and five additional family members)
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What do you receive with the Family DNA Roots - Maternal Option?

  • Maternal DNA Test kit that can be shared with 5 additional male family members. You receive separate certificate for each additional family member
  • World Wide Ancestry Test for you (not transferable to your other family members)

Who should take the Family DNA Test - Maternal Option?

  If you are:
  • Female and you want to get test results for your mother, grandmother, great grandmother or any of your blood daughters or granddaughters
  • Male and you want to get your maternal DNA test results for any of your siblings (sisters, brothers, grandmothers, great grandmother etc.).

Who would be the best person to take test if you have a brother or sister?

The most cost efficient person to take test would be the brother. When the brother takes both the paternal and maternal DNA tests, he will be able to provide all the test results for the family.

Family DNA Test Kit - Paternal Option

Famiy DNA Test Kit With the Family DNA Test Kit we provide you with 46 marker resolution. This product provides you with your own DNA test kit for your family (males will receive 46 Loci yDNA test, and a World Wide Ancestry Composition test for person taking test (not transferable to 5 family members). This kit will be shipped directly to you.  Once you perform the test, and mail back the kit to Family DNA Roots, you will receive your results for yourself and your family members in 4 weeks along with up to six certificates for your family members authenticating your results. And additionally you will have 1 year premium membership with our Ancestry networking site My DNA Roots. My DNA Roots will provide you information about your Haplogroup, your genetic tree and your ancestral origins.    And most importantly, you will contribute to the African American DNA Roots project.  

Paternal Kit $279.00
$47.00 per Family member
(with yourself and five additional family members)
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What do you receive with the Family DNA Roots - Paternal Option?

  • Paternal DNA Test kit that can be shared with 5 additional male family members. You receive separate certificate for each additional family member
  • World Wide Ancestry Test for you (not transferable to your other family members)

Who should take the Family DNA Test - Paternal Option?

  If you are:
  • Father or brother

Who would be the best person to take test if you have a Father or brother?

  • Either one. Test will be good for all male members in family along with grandfather of male taking test
  • If there are no living Father then a Son of the Father would work

DNA Testing

Ancestry DNA Testing

Ancestry DNA Testing, How is it conducted?

Ancestry DNA testing is very simple and easy.  A DNA kit is sent to you.  You take out a swab and gently scrape the inside of your cheeks, put scraping in provided vial, put vial in return packaging and send package back to lab. You will then get your results back in 3 to 4 weeks.

Types of Ancestry DNA testing

There are three types of genealogical DNA tests, autosomal (atDNA), mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), and Y-Chromosome (Y-DNA). Autosomal tests for all ancestry. Y-DNA tests a male along his direct paternal line. mtDNA tests a man or woman along their direct maternal line. We will focus on two types of Ancestry DNA testing, Paternal DNA Testing (yDNA) and Maternal DNA testing (mtDNA).   The mother passes on mitochondria (mtDNA) to her children, sons and daughters, while the father passes the yDNA only to his sons.  A male can be tested for both paternal yDNA and Mitochondria (mtDNA) DNA test, while the female can only be tested for the Maternal, Mitochondria test (mtDNA).  So from a family point of view, if the Father and Mother take the  appropriate DNA test, their results can be used for the whole family.  If the Father or Mother DNA is not available to take the appropriate test, then the daughter or son of the family could provide all of the necessary information to do DNA genetic research for the family.  Likewise, a brother or sister of the family can share their information with the rest of the family. With Family DNA Roots you can have your Ancestry DNA testing performed for your whole family at one low price by purchasing the Family Ancestry DNA test kit.

Genetic Inheritance

Ancestry DNA Testing

Autosomal DNA:  22 chromosome pairs

Ancestry DNA Testing
  • Each parent passes on a random half of their 22 pairs
  • (1 copy of each) to each offspring.
  • Each offspring will have different set of half. Part of ‘Nuclear’ DNA

Gender DNA:  X and Y pair together

Gender DNA illustration

Sex chromosomes, part of ‘Nuclear’ DNA

  • Males are determined by the fact that they have and “X” and a “Y”
  • Females are determined by the fact that they have 2 “X” (“XX”) and no “Y”
  • Just like the autosomal DNA, each parent give a random half of one of these
  • to each offspring.  The mother can only pass on an “X”, but the father either
  • passes on the “X” OR the “Y”.  The “X” means child will be female and “Y” male.
  • Male sons will pass the same “Y” copy onto their sons, and so on.
  • The Y chromosome is small, does not really mix with the X and thus does not experience frequent mutations.

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA):  Independent

  Ancestry DNA Testing
  • Human cells have organelles called mitochondrion that produce energy.
  • These organelles have their own DNA independent of rest of Nuclear DNA.
  • Female ‘eggs’ contain all the cellular material needed, including mitochondrion.
  • Sperm contain ONLY DNA, no mitochondrion.
  • So mtDNA gets passed ONLY from mother to daughter or son.
  • Daughters will in turn pass it on to children, sons will not.
  • mtDNA is small, does not mix with anything, has a lot information on in, and So does not experience frequent mutations.

A designation used to describe ancestral history of Y chromosome and mtDNA. Each letter and location represents where human migration/settlements and corresponding DNA mutations are estimated to have occurred thousands of years ago.

Ancestry DNA Testing

What do you receive with your Family DNA Testing results?

When you receive your kit, you will receive access to your DNA information through a website provided by Family DNA Roots, a certificate displaying your haplogroup, and a certificate displaying your World Wide Ancestry composition.  On the website, you will be provided with information about your yDNA and mtDNA haplogroups.  A haplogroup is a classification of where you are mapped in the human tree.  It looks similar to a  tree with the tree trunk being the base and the branches spanning out from the base of the tree.  There are haplogroup classifications for both the Maternal and Paternal designations.  The haplogroup are labeled using a combination of letters and numbers.  For the paternal the 'A' haplogroup is at the root and for the Maternal the 'L0' halopgroup is at the root.  The root haplogroups are classified as Scientific Adam and Scientific Eve.  Everyone can trace their roots to these two haplogroup types.  For a summary of all the services offered by Ancestry DNA Roots, click here



Our mission is to assist individuals and family in finding their Origin but  ultimately help mankind discover that we are all connected and come from the same race, the Human Race. We are all connected and come from the same African Roots. Family DNA Roots, through the various Family DNA Root projects will provide financial assistance to individuals and groups to assist in finding their ancestral roots through DNA technology. Family DNA Roots seeks to connect the world as one human family. As humans, we share 99.9 percent of the same DNA leaving only a 1.01 percent degree of difference. This common ancestry is our inspiration and why we created the DNA Roots Project.


DNA Roots is a L3C (Low Profit limited liability) corporation located in Salt Lake City Utah.  Family DNA Roots is the trade name for DNA Roots and Family DNA Roots’ main goal is to empower all individuals, groups and families to find their roots through advances in DNA technology.


joe pic square Joe Cornell Smith is the founder and President of Family DNA Roots and is an experienced technology futurist who has been on the cutting edge of technology innovation for over twenty-five years working for top industry giants such as Microsoft, Novell, and Parker Hannifin and as a technology consultant and strategist. Throughout his tenure, he has been responsible for over 100M in successful product releases.  Joe has been interested in genealogy all of his life. He tells story about his grandmother imparting the title of family historian (Griot). After many years of facing the challenges of finding his roots using traditional methods he got interested in genetic research and it application towards finding ones roots. After taking his first DNA test he found out that his roots are part of the 'A' Haplogroup and dates back over 60,000 years. After further investigating he found out that he is part of the group as termed Scientific Adam. This group is at the root of the paternal tree and is related to every male on this earth. This inspired Joe to start The Family DNA Roots Project. Sekai Senwosret is Vice President, and Mr. Smith’s sister. They have worked together throughout their professional careers. Ms. Senwosret’s experience as a consultant to non and for profit companies or resource development and strategy has resulted in over 48M in new money toward new programs for youth, families and communities in her 20-year career. Ms. Senwosret is a communications’ professional who will be instrumental in driving the organizational communications and strategy.

Our DNA Laboratory

Fast, Accurate and Reliable Results

DNA testing Lab Photo Our DNA Testing philosophy is simple:  FASTACCURATE and RELIABLE results.  Strict adherence to these principles ensures quality results and confidence for our clients so they can be assured


Our laboratory has the capacity to perform more than 20,000 DNA extractions and genotypes per month. DNA Roots’ Testing Center provides test results within 4 weeks of sample receipt.  Once the results are completed, the client has secured, immediate access to the results.  Customers will get access to our online social networking site, My DNA Roots, which comes with every Family DNA test kit. This will give each family member access to their results. Along with online access, each family member will be mailed certificates authenticating their results. The online access makes it easy to share with their family, friends and loved ones.


The DNA Roots DNA Testing Center is a global leader in DNA testing and is one of the most accredited laboratories in the world.  DNA Roots  is committed to providing quality testing, for example:
  • Our state-of-the-art DNA Testing facility is equipped with multiple robotic DNA extraction platforms, liquid handling workstations and DNA analyzers.
  • We practice two-time blind testing of samples to ensure reliability for exclusions.
  • We voluntarily participate in proficiency testing programs designed to improve standards and practices among laboratories and businesses.
  • We employ system controls as well as checks and balances to provide reliable and accurate DNA extraction, analysis and test results.
These processes ensure superior quality for our customers so they can assured.

Reliable DNA Testing

Experienced Ph.D and M.S. genetic scientists make up our distinguished Testing Center Team. With over 30 green belts and an esteemed black belt in Lean Six Sigma, our team has a passion for efficiency and accuracy. These knowledge experts consist of seasoned professionals whose leadership impacts the global DNA testing industry delivering assurance to each customer's results and exceptional service.  Dedication to excellence is their guiding principle. 

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